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Sweet Promise

Still in bed with the breakfast tray across her lap, Cindy picked up a piece of toast and sipped at the coffee. Already she was planning what she would wear and how she would make a dignified appearance later. She was his wife. She had a right to be told his plans. After all this time when she had asked him to retire he’d never agreed. Now Turk was going to explain why he had never mentioned anything about changing his plans to her.

At that moment someone banged loudly on her door and barged through without waiting for her to speak. Of course it was Turk. One look at the scowl on his face and she knew he was in just as bad humor as she was.
"Hiding out, again?" he sneered, "What happened to your phony declaration of undying love? Shouldn't you be panting to be with me, your true love?"

Her chest tightened in pain. Just like him to taunt her with that when it had taken all her courage to admit it. Never again would she put herself at his mercy.

"Can't you knock?" she answered.

"Why should I knock in my loving wife's bedroom?"

"I'm surprised you remember I'm your wife. Especially, since you didn't see fit to tell me about this retirement that you discussed at length with the newspapers and everyone else--except me."

"I'm surprised that I remembered you're my wife, too. You certainly don't act like one."

"Because I shouldn't have married you, anyway."

"You're right. You should have married your brother."

"That is so tacky. I won't even answer it. It's beneath me," she spoke as coolly as she could.

"Just put your clothes on and come downstairs. We're eating breakfast together. There should be something my wife," his voice turned snide, "can do with me."

"I'm not taking part in any more of your games." She threw off the covers and tumbled out of the bed for the face off.

"If you don't, I'm calling the New York Times with the scoop about Jeb, your crooked brother."

It was too much. "I hate you when you're like this."
"What? Out of love, already?"

If she had been closer, she’d have gladly slugged him.

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